The wonderings and wanderings of Dakin and Company


These sounds are intended to wrap around my book, “Conversations with Elephants,” like a loose garment. There are no hidden messages to uncover or meta-conversations to join. It is simply an atmosphere of voices, sounds and music that aims to add to the experience of the text.

The tracks take a second or two to load after “play” is pressed. Please be patient.



1. On The Road Judy Mathews


Song, life motto

2. Ruled By Fear Tiffany Strietelmeier


Song, experience  

3. Afvlerk Engel Johann Slabbert


Sound bite

4. Abattoir Songs Maids of Henwil


Song, history

5. Wicked Little Town John Cameron Mitchell, Miriam Shaw

Composer, Stephen Trask


Song, mantra

6. Yellow CocknBullKid


Song, hush

7. Thula Amanda Strydom


Power of parenting

8. Simple Simon Dakin, Nanna and Poppo


Song, wishful

9. Alabaster Sky Derek Nicoletto


Piano, fundraising

10. Bossa a Beaulieu Charl du Plessis


Song, thankful

11. Too Late Just Jinger


Song, love’s face

12. Basketball* Unknown



13. Be a Little Candle Dakin Parker


Song, love’s recovery

14. Don’t Move Derek Nicoletto & Dakin Parker



15. Still Scratching Nosi, Anna and Dakin


Song, ownership

16. Not Going Home The Elected


Song, forgiveness

17. Chasing Cars Snow Patrol


The sound of flying

18. Far/Ver** Dakin Parker & Dom Boyle



19. Angel of the Morning Jacky Parker & P.P. Arnold



20. Leaving Klipbankfontein Dakin Parker


All sounds available, are reproduced with kind permission from the artists. Thank you.

  *  This song just arrived on my iPod one day and all efforts to find out who wrote or performed it have come up empty handed.

**  Original melody by Johann Slabbert.