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It’s Back-To-School… For Employers!

[Article I wrote to promote Kinfundi.]

Getting back into the swing of things after the December holidays is always a bit of a challenge. Even more so for those who are unsure of their financial stability or how they’re going to afford the new expenses of the new year. Kinfundi is a way to alleviate some of that strain.

Employers now have the power to send their employees and their relatives back to school. Kinfundi is a new type of employee fringe benefit that bosses can offer to their staff to help them save for future tuition fees for their families.

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Small Brewery Dreams Big And Wins!

[Press Release I wrote for Stellenbosch Brewery]


Media Release

September 2017


Stellenbosch Brewing Company’s Honderhok Bock is this year’s winner of the South African National Beer Trophy Competition. In addition to winning the coveted Beer of the Year award, the same brew also won a Gold medal and the trophy for Best Beer in the Amber Category. Their Stellies Mass Hoppiness IPA won a silver medal. These stunning victories were achieved in a very competitive field: 199 beers entered the competition from 64 breweries in six provinces. The victory was even more profound because Stellies beat other, more established brewers like Devil’s Peak, CBC, Darling Brew and Mitchell’s. And it was only their second year of partaking in the competition.

“This is an amazing achievement,” said Bruce Collins, Founder and Master Brewer of Stellenbosch Brewing Company. “It still feels completely surreal. I’ve always believed in our products but to be recognised in this way, so early in our journey, is a very happy and proud moment.” Continue reading

Luxury Trains Redefine Excellence & Adventure

[Blog entry written for NananTravel]

Luxury trains redefine excellence and adventure

There’s a soft knock on the door of your cabin. You’re gently pulled out of your smiling dreamland into the morning sunlight. You roll over on your plush mattress, the thick cotton sheets wrapping softly around your rested body, and lift your cheek off the fluffy pillows.

“Come in,” you whisper loudly.

A smiling attendant slides your door open, carrying a tray with a steaming coffee plunger, two coffee cups and an assortment of baked goodies. The sharp, sweet smell of the freshly roasted coffee delights your senses as you welcome the new day. Outside the landscape is flashing by in bright greens and blues and yellows. You get excited about the new places you’re going to discover today as you pour yourself and your lover/spouse/partner/friend a welcome cup of morning brew.

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Need an Innovative way to reward staff?

[Article I wrote to promote Kinfundi]

It is annual bonus time but with the current state of economic affairs in South Africa, some companies might not have performed as well as they’d hoped. This does not mean that employees have not been working extremely hard, and now it is possible to reward them in a very unique way.

Education means liberation. And the current education crisis has put a big spotlight on education affordability. The fact remains that South Africa’s economy is not strong enough to offer free education and therefore the onus falls on parents, who more often than not cannot afford tertiary education for their children.

As a bonus to employees, companies can join Kinfundi, invest a small amount into this education savings benefit and continue with monthly contributions as part of their employee benefits offering. 

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